Our Story

Matt Ortega has been in the music industry since age 15. Matt was the quiet kid who always brought his CD player to school everyday and listen to music while either going to/from class or when the teacher would assign work to be done in class. It was only later that Matt realized that music is his life. The first time he picked up a guitar was when he received it as a gift on his 4th birthday… it was only a matter of time until Matt took music. 

Matt's dad always had a good collection of acoustics around the house for him to jam on; eventually, Matt's father gave him one when at age 13. When Matt turned 16, he met up with some friends and sang in front of them; one of them was soon to be the guitarist of Matt's old band "iNTREPiD". 

Matt joined the band iNTREPiD before graduating high school, having no idea the impression it would leave on him. Playing shows all over Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara County for the next three years, making it one of the best periods of his life, and learned a lot from being able to sell pre-sale tickets in order to get a headlining spot at a venue like "The Roxy". It got to the point that Matt's no longer uncomfortable or nervous on stage thanks to adrenaline that he gets from performing.

iNTREPiD broke up, all going their separate ways, and Matt went on to write his own music and lyrics just so he could perform again. “Music is what I live for…until the day I die,” says Matt, who plans on writing and composing music for the rest of his life.



Thank you for taking the time to read this brief biography. Feel free to give me your opinion on what you think of his music. Matt hopes be the next big artist in the music/entertainment industry.